Beautiful Ashes by Jeaniene Frost

The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost

I know that a lot of readers have mixed feelings about angel books, but if that is what is keeping you away from reading this book, then I think you will miss some fun. While there are angels and demons, Jeaniene Frost creates her world based on the Judeo-Christian mythology but at the same time makes this world her own. I love it when authors do that because I like the creativity involved.

While I really enjoyed this tale, I did have some minor problems with how the main characters interacted. In one way I felt that Ivy was way too trusting to Adrian and by the time I felt he earned her trust, she denied it to him. That was quite frustrating to say the lest but yet it was a minor quibble in the book as a whole. Otherwise I did enjoy that both could kick arse (Ivy better later in the book which makes sense) and that both were smart characters. I also enjoyed the secondary characters they meet up with later. Gave some comic relief which was needed in the dark story.

I don't want to give away too much about the story, but I did enjoy this new adult novel. I give it 4 stars and recommend it to those that enjoy UF/PNR.