I Want It That Way - Ann Aguirre

I did like the set up for the romance in this book. It starts when Nadia moves into the same complex as Daniel (Ty). The tension and mystery of Ty make for a good start but I had problems with Ty as the story moved forward. However, before you think it is a complaint... I feel that the problems I had with him were intentional so that you are set up for feeling that the ending was more poignant.

My problems with the couple stem from Ty wanting to do what is right for his son in a self-less way but his good intentions lead to him acting completely selfishly. That actually ticked me off for most of the book but I wanted to see how things worked out. Nadia also upset me my accepting something less than she should. I knew that both were heading for some personal growth so I had to know how it would turn out. It was worth the wait. :)

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed the ending and how everything and everyone came together. I am looking forward to seeing which couple we get next in the trilogy.