Hook and Jill

Hook and Jill - Andrea Jones This book is basically a retelling of the familiar Peter Pan tale. Andrea Jones takes the old play with it's sketched out characters and forms a beautiful and colorful painting of fully formed characters. You really get to know them in a more intimate way than ever before. These characters and the truth of Neverland bring you in and hold you with it's own magic. I had a hard time putting this book down.

If you were like me, I never fell in love with the original Peter Pan story, but did enjoy it's possibilities. I always had questions about the characters and all the questions I might have had were finally answered with a few surprises thrown in. How could Captain Hook, with his intelligent and ruthless ways fall prey time and again to a boy's whim? If Peter has become more faerie than boy, then why isn't he more like the faerie in attitude? These and many other questions I've always had are indeed answered with satisfaction. I also loved the surprises which just engaged me even further into the story.

This was such fun to read. It is also part of a series with "Other Oceans" listed as the next book. I seriously can't wait to go back to the adult version of Neverland. And if you haven't guess yet if I recommend this book... oh, that would be a resounding YES!