Color Me Grey

Color Me Grey - J.C Phelps This book is told entirely from Alexis's POV. And I have to admit at first it actually buffered me from the character of Alex. As she interacted with her friend (namely Colin) and started her adventure with a new possible job, the buffer disappeared. That's when I really got into the character of Alex. I then was able to enjoy the kick-ass stance of a 5'4" woman who is as tough as the boys and sometimes even better. She has a lot to learn, but shows that she is up to the task no matter what is thrown at her. It also makes sense as to why Alex loves adventure. Both her parents love it too. Even if her mother does not go adventuring anymore, she still is a mother that craved for it once but is having fun exploring other areas of life.

This book is a fast paced adventure and I think you hardly get much of a breather once the adventure truly starts. My only complaint other than the buffer (which can happen with a strictly first person POV) is a few editing errors that also occurred at the beginning of the book. They were minor and can quickly and easily be fixed. I will also say, on a total personal level, I had problems with the hunting scene (but I'm such a softie for Bambi's dad) but getting myself out of the way, I think it was told well. With those minor complaints aside, this is one fun adventure. I give this book 3 1/2 stars and I think that the next two adventures in this series are going to get even better and more fun filled than it's introduction.