Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis This book is a dystopian sci-fi YA book. In this book, Amy is frozen to go to another planet to help build another earth for humans to live on. Her parents are important to the project so she is allowed as non-essential personel to travel with them. Even though she is frozen she still has consciousness but without a sense of true time. As she is awakened by consequence of another's foul action, she finds herself in a strange monoethnic and dull society. It's not just strange to Amy, but disturbing as well. As the book progresses, she finds a few friends among the "insane". One even being the future leader of the ship.

I really found this an interesting concept for a book. My main criticism is that I thought Amy was too easily lead by her feelings for Elder. Of course, you often get that feeling of a love too easily given in a YA book but, putting that aside, I found the world in this book very dark and foreboding place. Being on a small ship, you understand the need for tighter control than you would have on a whole planet, but the control is taken to the extreme and becomes a world you could have seen someone like Hitler aspiring toward. I wonder where the author could have taken this book if it was written for adults? As dark as it was, I could see this spiraling off into something even darker still. I really would love to read that book.

As a whole, I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I loved the world building on this novel.