Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer Since I agreed to post this before the July 26, publishing date, I will try to keep this spoiler-free. I know a lot of people are wanting to read this book. Oh and excuse the cover... it was my favorite out of all the covers for the book. :)

Where to begin? Well, I will say this... those that have read Nightshade and don't remember everything, go back and read it. It took me a bit to catch up to things that had happened and remember people who were involved. This way you don't have to spend that time catching up. Also, prepare some time for reading. There are parts of this book that make it hard to put down.

There were parts of this book I didn't like. I do admit that there were times where I got frustrated with the Searchers. They were slow to reveal secrets and I felt those were needed for Shay and Calla to trust them. However, this slow reveal also had you turning pages just to find out what those secrets were; what lies the Keepers told, and what were the truths. So I had a hard time adjusting to who you needed to trust. However, in a way it was perfect because you were right along with Calla doing the same thing.

Now I will turn to teams. I was total Team Ren in my review of Nightshade. I just didn't like the way Shay would assume how their society worked. He judged too much, in my opinion, based on facts he did not seek out. So did I switch sides? Yes and no. *evil laugh* To explain would reveal too much and I already promised I would do no such thing. *evil laugh again* Let's just say that each has a chance at my heart.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I had to take off a bit for the frustration since it didn't gel with a couple of characters. I also had to take off a bit for the CLIFFHANGER that Ms. Cremer gives us in the end. Oh death to cliffhangers! *sigh* I am anxiously awaiting the next book Bloodrose to be published Feb, 21, 2012. Anxiously!!! I cannot say more. *cries* *evil laugh on all of us!*

I received this ARC from Book It Forward Tours and no compensation was given.