Changeling Moon

Changeling Moon - Dani Harper Oh this is a fun PNR. It has what most people want in their shifter PNRs. A smexy man... too good to be true, and a veterinarian with a huge heart to boot! A kick-ass female who has no problem staring down death with a glare. It is a mate for life book that makes most women who love it swoon (yes, I'm swooning!). However...

There is some action... and not just in the bedroom. There is an EVIL (oh SO evil) villain that I DARE you to like even a smidge. It also packs in a few surprises at the end. I think that is my only complaint. Zoey's surprises are the biggest and I kinda wished she would have found them out sooner so I could have had more of that. :) There is even a heartbreaking scene right before that discovery. I could yell at the author for that, but it did give more emotional punch to the scene, if I have to admit anything. *sigh*

I give this book 4 stars. I wouldn't mind being a member of their small town and meeting a single Macleod man... or two. ;) I recommend this book to readers of shifter PNR. I think you will enjoy it!