Retribution - Sherrilyn Kenyon Okay, those that have been upset with me reading book 1... rejoice! This one is book #20 and no, I had not read the other 19. I really want to read them now, though. :)

This is the type of western I like. Okay, it's not exactly a western, but still, it's my type. ;) I loved the idea of Abby being so flawed. In fact, her flaws drew out her strengths. I also enjoyed the Native American mythology woven into the story. Of course not all is tradition and is told only to enhance the story, but I enjoyed that the correct name (one not given to them by the settlers) for a couple of tribes was given as well as some of the lore. It was enough to enhance the story, but not tread on sacred traditions.

I have to say that even though I enjoyed Jess and Abby's story, I want more Sasha and Ren! Oh especially Sasha the wolf shifter. Talk about snark! He had me laughing as the apocalypse was beginning. I also enjoyed the various references to movies and shows currently popular right now. It will eventually date the book, but it was fun knowing where this quote came from and the way they threw it at each other.

I give this book 4 stars. It was a fun paranormal and no, you don't have to read from book #1 if you don't have to... you know who I'm talking to... ;)