Silas - Robert J. Duperre At the beginning of the book we meet Ken at the end of his life. He suddenly gets a moment of clarity and decides to share his story with a orderly who is willing to listen. Ken's story, which seemly appears to be about a man going through a mid-life crises, is suddenly confronted with his wife's introduction to a new family member, a black lab pup. The story continues from this point on to one of a man who is taken over by the dog and starts to learn small lessons about life and the selfishness he has been indulging. Even so the main story takes on the remarkable sensitivity and affect Silas has on his human counterparts. Even to a child who was critically ill. Even though this might sound mundane, it is not. You are caught up within Ken's storytelling voice.

Suddenly the story takes an unusual turn. There is suspense building about kidnappings and killers but the outcome to that suspense was unexpected to say the least. And if you think I'm going to spoil it... you are sadly mistaken. *evil laugh* (ah I feel better now) I will say, however, that the story does turn into one that has a bit of sci-fi, a bit dystopian, a dash of paranormal, and a whole lot of adventure. The adventure is compelling and left me in a *gasp* from time to time. The adventure ends in a huge *bang* and then you are back to Ken's contemporary life. The life and character he is now transformed into; someone who values others and compassion above his selfishness.

In the end, I give this book a high 4 1/2 stars. It will make you look at your dog or the dog of someone you know a bit differently. ;) And if you want a good adventure that has you hanging on the edge of your seat, then give this book a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.