Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze - Michaele Jordan I have to say that I know I'm going to have a hard time reviewing this book. First, I did think this was YA but it is an adult book. There are allusions to smex, but nothing overtly descriptive so the YA crowd could read this one quite easily. It is also full of descriptions from history and fully vetted in a Victorian setting. There is even a few definitions at the back of the book for those who are curious about a certain phrase or specific event or item. So, the book was well researched for those history buffs.

Now, why would I have trouble reviewing? The problem is that there are several of you that I would have to encourage you many times not to put down this book. Seriously. This book seems to consist of 3 separate short stories. None of the 3 actually feel like short stories but they are actually all compete within each section. Now, this is why I would have to encourage you to keep on reading. It's confusing.

Every time I started a section of this book, I was lost, confused and utterly baffled. I just about couldn't see right from left and up from down. The title suits this book well. So, why would I encourage you to keep on reading? Because it all comes together in the ending of each section. It makes sense. However, the next section tends to take that sense and turn it back on it's ear. You are back to scratching your head wondering how you took that wrong turn in Albuquerque (Bugs Bunny reference).

Despite the extreme confusion, I found myself wanting to continue. Wanting to find out how all the parts fit together. Plus, in the end... there is a twist that you will not see. I wouldn't even have minded it continuing for at least one more part just to make sure everything was okay. I think by that time even though the ending made sense... I just didn't trust it anymore. ;)

I give this confusing and interesting book 4 stars. If you hate to be lost (really lost) in a book this one may not be for you. However, if you love a book where you don't seem to be able to predict which way the maze will lead you, try this book. It's a mystery worth solving.