Deadly Descendant

Deadly Descendant - Jenna Black You don't know how thrilled I was when I found this in my mailbox for review. I enjoyed the first book, Dark Descendant and couldn't wait until this book which has come to us a year later.

I admit I had a bit of trouble getting into this book. I think it was because I had to go back and remember what happened. Once I did, the book took off for me. I also think this is an indicator that you should read these in order even though the book does give you hints of what happened before. I think it will just make the story flow better for you.

You have the same great action that you had in the first book and we are back with Nikki still dealing with the outcome of the first book. In fact we find ourselves not long after the end of the first book. There is a new threat and it comes in a crazy descendent of Anubis. Death gods... hard to deal with and this one is deadly to even the Liberati who normally can only be killed by a human descendant. There is also a mystery as to what and why he has started to attack and even what to do with him when he is caught.

Ah but is there any romance? We got a hint that it may possibly come as the series progresses. I won't say what happens, but I will say this: *shakes fist at Jenna Black* NOoooOOOoo! How could you? It's not good enough... I want more!! Ms. Black will understand my ranting. ;)

I give this book 4 stars. It is a fun UF and those that enjoy UF will enjoy this series. I just want that next book... like NOW! ;)