Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy)

Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) - Linda Poitevin This is a good thriller detective story with lots of paranormal happenings. It all stars when Alex is investigating a serial killer they just can't seem to find a lead. Alternatively, Aramael is the only angel in heaven willing to take on both the demon wreaking havoc on mortals and protect a Nephilim whom the angels consider anathema. I admit I was pretty captivated with the story and what twists I was going to encounter.

I did have a few problems, however, with this book. One was with The One. Although I loved that it was a she, I was not too happy that she was seen more as human and alternated with being omniscient. It was if the character couldn't decide what to be nor how to handle the situation at hand... and YET know what was going on while being in the dark. It was quite frustrating to me and confusing at the same time.

I would have also liked more build in the relationship with Alex and Aramael. They were avoiding the obvious most of the time so when they finally admitted to themselves that they felt for each other, there wasn't much time building on that, so it felt a bit hollow.

Despite these problems, I still found this book enjoyable and am curious as to how things will sort itself. It doesn't end with a cliffie, but with a huge opening. I liked The One at bit better toward the end as well, so I'm hoping all that happened in this book will make me understand her character better as the series goes on. I give this book 3 stars. I recommend it for those that love detective thriller stories with a side of PNR.