'Til The World Ends: Dawn of EdenThistle & ThorneSun Storm (Luna Books)

'Til The World Ends: Dawn of EdenThistle & ThorneSun Storm (Luna Books) - 'Julie Kagawa',  'Ann Aguirre',  'Karen Duvall' This is a dystopian anthology by 3 talented authors. I'll review each story, but give only one rating as a whole.

Dawn of Eden (Blood of Eden #.05) by Julie Kagawa

In this story we are given the prequel to Immortal Rules. This tale pulls together 2 different characters than who we meet in the first novel. So, there is no problem reading this one after the first. In this book Kylie and Ben meet up through a friend that has been bitten. Ben is reluctant to tell Kylie what has happened and in fact knows a bit more about the zombie like vampires preying on non-infected people. We know some of what is going on through the first novel and it pretty much stays on track with this one.

I do have to say I was a bit surprised by this story. I reads a bit more adult with a much more graphic scene of sex than we usually get with YA. In fact, I would have considered this prequel adult and had I read it before the novel, I would have thought the whole series was adult and not YA. Still, it works for this story. I do have to admit, I wasn't completely drawn into the romance between the two characters, but was not unconvinced either. Extreme circumstances can heighten emotions, but it just seemed that they needed more down time to really get to know each other to claim each other in a forever way. Still, it was an interesting addition to the series.

Thistle and Thorne by Anne Aguirre

I have to admit this was my favorite of the 3. Mari is someone of skill and can kick ass when needed. Strong female protagonist? Oh yea, you know I loved that. She meets up with Thorne after a robbery gone all kinds of wrong. He saves her but uses her for his end game. However, since their end games meet up by destroying the bad guy who is in charge goes along with Thorne. Perhaps she even steals his heart, but we are never certain.

I really enjoyed Mari. A bit of an optimist despite the circumstances, you really have to admire how she takes care of her siblings and close friends. She has become a reluctant leader in her area and this adventure will destroy her ability to be covert. So, when the ending of unanswered questions happens, I admit I wanted to start tweeting Anne Aguirre and begging her to finish it or give me a novel of these characters! Don't leave me like this!! Think that would work? ;)

Sun Storm by Karen Duvall

With this story you will have to suspend things you know with the world she has created. The sun creates storms and has baked the world. How people survived such harsh conditions has me baffled (especially the frail and infirm)... but then suspension of belief comes in so I can go on with the story.

I also have to say that I didn't completely buy the romance in this one, but it had it's sweet moments. I think if it was longer it would have been easier for me to see the two become inseparable, but that is sometimes the problem with short stories. You have so much to share in such little space. Still, it was an interesting concept even if the ending was a bit contrived. Perhaps this would have been better at novel length.

In all I give this anthology 3 1/2 stars. If you want to get your dystopian on, this might just fit the bill. Although the situations are bleak, you will find the light within each of these stories.