The Fallen Prince

The Fallen Prince - Shea Berkley I loved the first book, The Marked Son, which I read 2 years ago. So, it is safe to say it took me a while to catch back up with the book. I felt a bit lost, but I think if I had reread the first book I wouldn't have had as much trouble. It's a complicated world, so I think I would have felt more at home quicker within the story.

I also felt a bit frustrated with what was happening in the beginning of the book. Their journey throughout the human realm in the first of the book makes sense and you know it is foundation necessary for the growth of the characters. Still, I think I would have liked this part perhaps a bit shorter or perhaps a bit more mixed with the characters of the fae realm.

The second half of the book is where the most exciting adventure begins. You are back in faerie trying to save people without getting yourself killed. You know, the usual fare. ;) Still, you question the motives of several of the fae and learn that others are surprisingly trustworthy. I do like the characterization of many of the secondary characters as well as the main protag, Dylan. However, I found Kera a bit disjointed. There was a reason for this, but I would have liked to have felt that there was something consistent in the background and I just didn't feel that. I still liked her character, though.

I give this book 3 stars and I really recommend rereading the first book if you read it a while ago. If you haven't read that first book, then do so before you read this one. It really does need to be read in order.