Exposed (Tracers)

Exposed (Tracers) - Laura Griffin Yes, this is #7 in the series, but all of the books in this series are also standalones. I have only read #3 (Unforgivable) and have another in my tbr. I knew from reading #3 I would be safe from reading out of order. All revolve around the CSI kind of mystery. One where there is lots of action, murder, and crime solving. That is what connects these stories, not characters.

In this book we have Maddie who is a CSI photographer and has become quite good at her job. She gets targeted by a group of kidnappers for something she "may" have seen. This draws in Brian who is trying desperately to solve this case and put the bad guys behind bars. The "kingpin" of the group he knows about but cannot get evidence to put him away. He is intrigued with Maggie's work ethic, her brain and her body (duh! lol). Only problem is she seems to be the one woman on the planet who simultaneously wants to be with him and wants to push him away. It drives him crazy but he is determined to not give up.

I did enjoy this story and I also loved the twists the book provided in solving the case. I did not find this as strong as Unforgiveable, but I still enjoyed the story line. While I did understand why Maggie did a push/pull with Brian, I still did get frustrated with her myself. I would have liked a bit more epiphany that we could grasp in the end when she finally did decide what she wanted. Either that or less pushing away. Still, I did enjoy the fact that Brian refused to give up.

I give this book 4 stars. I recommend it to those that love romantic suspense with lots of action. Fans of CSI, NCIS and those type of crime shows would also love this series.