Born Wild: Black Knights Inc.

Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker I enjoyed the characters Eve and Bill. I especially enjoyed this cover... but I have to say that both characters got on my nerves from time to time. Both lamenting what happened in the past even during intense times when lives were on the line. I get that they both were hurt and regretted what happened in the past, but I just wanted to take them both and put them in a small room to hash it out so we could get on with the story. I mean how hard was it to figure out that the father, who is meddlesome and selfish, is the one that got in their way. *throws up arms and walks away*

However, the rest of the story was pretty interesting. You still wanted to kick these guys for being so stupid... and we get to know more about the bartender, Delilah. I was quite happy about that and I can't wait to see that love story unfold. :) In the end, though we do get our HEA and I did smile at the end. So, since I'm an ending girl, I did really enjoy the twisted love tale of Eve and Wild Bill. There was a twist in Eve's mystery (other than the one that was easy to guess) and so it made me enjoy the story even more.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. Even with the problems I encountered with the characters, I did enjoy the romance at the end. "Yay!" for HEAs! :D