I Am Malala

I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai I had heard of the girl, Malala, fighting for girls education in a place where women often don't have many rights. I knew this made the girl brave, and her words were wise. I was horrified to hear that she was shot by the taliban and later glad to hear she was recovering. I have been interested in her story for some time. I also like learning about cultures in places I have never been. So, when I had a chance to get this book I jumped at it. :)

The title is the answer to the question the talib asked before he fired his gun. However, this is mostly a story about a girl. Sometimes an "ordinary" (if anyone can truly be ordinary) girl. She has a huge difference in her life, her father, Ziuddian, who praised and cherished her as much as he cherished her brothers. He found that she had a spirit like his own and encouraged learning and wisdom. Her father overcame his own obstacles and had his own mind about things happening in the world. He also took action where he could and spoke with wisdom and encouraged peace where ever possible. He also included his wife in his decisions and spoke out for women's rights. In a way it was his book as much as Malala. Her mother is not absent from the book either. Much praise goes to a strong and caring mother to help shape her views of the world as well. Her mother was often found caring for those around her and would open their door to anyone in need. The compassion from both her parents seemed never ending and you can see the influence within Malala.

I want to say so much about the thoughts I had while reading this book, but I think this is a book you should have your own experience. You can see how things are universal: corruption in government, how attitudes and actions through fear create chaos, why education is crucial. You also see what it was like for Malala to live in a war zone and how constant terror impacts her, her family and neighbors. You also see her family live through and rise above the terror which gave this girl a larger voice than she thought possible. You also get an epilogue and see how the fame and inability to go back home also affects the whole family. This is a girl who loves her valley.

I give this book 5 stars. I think the book brings a culture most would not otherwise experience. It also explains why education is so important to her. I think this book achieves those goals well. It is a book that should not be missed.