The Sense of Touch

The Sense of Touch - Ron Parsons I wanted to review this one mostly because of the diversity of people within these pages. When so many stories seem homogenous, I wanted to read something a bit different. This one did have what I was looking for and like all good short stories, some won me over and some didn't quite make it. However, I still enjoyed myself within these pages.

I have to admit that the first tale I did dnf. The story was going good until there was a bit about harming a pigeon. I have gotten to the point where I will automatically dnf anything where an animal is abused to death. I just can't do it no matter the reason. I did think that it was just that story, so I had no problems reading the rest of the book.

The other stories are more like character explorations. Exploring a small part of their life and sometimes to making a decision. We don't get to know how it turns out, but then that wasn't the point of the story. There is also the story that has the same title as the book. It becomes more philosophical and then seems to meander on different themes. While this may bug some people, others will see it for what it is.. a creative exploration.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting something different. The short stories in itself can be used as a good palate cleanser while you are in between books. It can also just be something to let your mind explore.