Oh My Cupcakes!

Oh My Cupcakes! - M Faridzuan Majid Audio review:
Well, it's the 5th book and I'm still wanting more. If you enjoyed the series through the 4th book, the enjoyment will continue in the 5th. In this book not only does she solve multiple cold cases she also finds out more about herself in the process. Oh and if you liked Reyes in the last book (you may leave the room now because... none of that... he's MINE) you won't like him in this one. No, not at all... so leave him all to me. Okay, you know I'm lying, but geeze... how am I supposed to get you all away from him? :)

The humor is still spot on and I do know a bit of sign language (yes, some of the naughty words...) and yes... she is spot on with her descriptions of a some of those naughty signs. Um... where has she been researching this stuff? LOL The action is just as intense as the other stories and there is an ending that will leave your mouth hanging open. Not a cliffie, but will surprise you.

Hm... speaking of that ending... How dare she make me wait a month for the next book. It is going to be a hard wait. Oh and yes, I'm going to do it on audio as well. I just love Lorelei's voice in this series and I seriously recommend it on audio (in case you didn't see my other reviews of the audios of this series). It's a great series. Read it... better yet, listen to it!