Blood Bound

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs "Blood Bound" by Patricia Briggs held my attention as the first book in this series, "Moon Called". It was quite good for those who love the urban fantasy type of books. Within this book Mercy's vampire friend, Stefan, is looking for some help with a vampire situation and calls in a favor she owes him. The adventure takes off immediately. While on the case with the vampires (and the werewolves get caught in the middle) she learns a bit more about her true nature and why vampires hate coyote shifters. There were a few criticisms I had about the book. One was her inability to chose between Sam and Adam. Not HER inability, I should make clear, but the situation that both create to confuse her more. Sam really bugged me in this area and really needs to figure out what he really wants and then share it with Mercy. Then, she could make a decision and it won't distract from the story.

The second major aspect of the story I had a problem with could possibly be a spoiler for those that haven't read it. So you are duly warned. Why did Mercy not just ask for the vampire they ended up protecting? The vampires owed her a debt, and it seemed to me that it was within the realm of her asking for this to settle things. Now granted some may say it would be a good thing to have vampires in your debt, but it didn't seem like Mercy wanted much to do with them if she could help it. Therefore, why not ask for the favor and call it even? Perhaps it was something I missed but without that part of the story, she may have been confused about Stefan as well. So, even though it was a criticism, I do see how it worked out in the book. Yes, I do recommend this book and this series, so far.