Haunted - Kelley Armstrong Eve, for me, was always the most interesting witch in the women of the otherworld series. It wasn't because she was half demon, but because she had a sense of herself in the world, no matter how screwed up that sense had become. In this book we learn a lot more of the world Eve now occupies. Her want to be close to her daughter has become all consuming and the force behind all her new activities. All those around her feel she needs a new hobby and the Fates step in with one she can't resist. Catching the Nix is just what she needs and she begins to find that she may have a second chance at a new existence, one she secretly always wanted.

Unfortunately, things aren't always as easy as it seems. The hunter becomes the prey and now she must protect all those in the living world that are dear to her heart. This paranormal ghost/witch/demon roller coaster ride keeps you in the book at the edge of your seat. Although some parts of the book may be predictable, the exact journey to those parts are not. My only complaint is with the character angel, Trsiel. I cannot say exactly what my complaint is, or I will spoil the book for those that have not read it. However, knowing Kelley Armstrong's writings, I will enjoy his character in another book. It's happened before with Paige.

"Haunted" earns 4 stars (just short of 5). This is a good thriller and a great read. I recommend it.