Covet - J.R. Ward This book was not my favorite by J.R. Ward. I actually got this book in the mail yesterday and frantically read it as the review was due today for Blogs with Bite. It was not a horrible book and was interesting enough to sail through most of it but in truth, I didn't really care for it. The main character, Jim was not who I became interested in. Vin and Gretchen were the characters I really cared more about. Jim almost seemed like a side character in the whole book. Something I was disappointed in as I was looking forward to a good paranormal book. Not much paranormal going on. Sure you had demons and angels within the book, but this whole book would have stood on it's own without those characters. We get peeks into the life of Jim, but we don't get to know him. And as frustrated as Jim was about not getting to know his angel "team" members, I was as well. In the end, it was an okay read (not great in the least) and hopefully will eventually lead to more interesting stories about Jim and the angels.