Because Your Vampire Said So

Because Your Vampire Said So - Michele Bardsley "Because Your Vampire Said So" is the third installment of Michele Bardsley's Broken Heart Vampire series. Like the other two books, this one mashes together humor, adventure and romance into the book. Like the other two it comes out successful. With this story you also get a look into the history of the Ancients as Patsy gathers their powers. That was a nice break since the Consortium have been a bit too mysterious and this was a good way to venture a bit into their stories.

My only criticism is that again, the main character needs a good dose of self esteem. While she gets it in the end in good measure, it becomes a bit annoying at the beginning. Thankfully, that isn't long as this book is only 282 pages. Still it is a book I would recommend, especially those who have already been enamored by the broken hearted vampires sense of humor.