Intertwined - Gena Showalter I enjoyed this book. The story line also looked deceptively simple and easy to predict. Happily I did not see the story this way. The twists and turns in the story kept the interest going and helped it lose it predictability. The complexity of Aden and his trapped souls drew me into his troubled life. The trapped soul's personalities, while intriguing, did not overshadow Aden as it could have happened. Instead the souls actually enhanced his interest to me.

I also loved the character of Mary Ann. Yes, at times I was irritated with her simplistic good/bad view of the world, but it still wasn't so overwhelming it lost her charms. I think the coupling of Mary Ann and the werewolf was the most interesting part when talking romance in this book. I am looking forward too seeing why Riley couldn't resist her from the beginning even if it is obvious why he fell in love with her as their friendship progressed. He holds a lot of grounded knowledge for one that was simply seen as a servant in his world.

As for the rest of my review. I recommend this book. I only gave it 4 stars because of the ending. Be prepared to feel let down as major parts of this book have yet to be resolved. I didn't even see this as a good cliffhanger book in the way it ended. It just resolved one problem and then "poof" the end. I did know this was going to be a series, but that was almost too irritating. If I hadn't enjoyed the rest of the book so much I would have reduced my stars significantly. So, with that warning, I do say go and get it. You will enjoy this book.