Unbreakable - Sydney Somers This was the first full book I read on my iPod Touch, with the Kindle book application. At the time I got the book, it was free (it's not at present, sorry), so I thought I'd give it a try.

I did enjoy the book, but there were some things I think the author could have written better. When the two main characters, Jordan and Gage get back together, they couldn't keep themselves off of each other. While that could have been endearing, two trained kick-ass assassians just wouldn't put the other in more danger just so they can have sex whenever they were together. Especially when strong feelings attract the demons they hunt. It actually got in the way of the story at times. Fortunately, the story eventually corrected that and those sex scenes made a lot more sense.

As for the rest of the story, I, in fact, felt that the "good guys" or shadow dystroyers were well developed characters. I enjoyed their interactions a lot. Therefore, I felt that this book was a good set up for the next books in the series. Will I read the rest of the series? I'm undecided at the moment, but I feel that it did earn 3 stars.