According to Jane

According to Jane - Marilyn Brant I had to continue my Jane Austen alternative literature spree. Since I had "According to Jane" on my iPod Touch through the Kindle app, it was easy. When I first spied this book I thought it was a YA book due to the description. The book surprised me as it was not. It was an adult book with adult scenes and situations. Ellie merely has Jane Austen helping her along as a very opinionated spirit guide. As you view Ellie's life you actually travel back and forth in time. Yes, occasionally, I would be a bit confused as to where you were in her life, but that was quickly resolved by reading a bit further. I can see why the author chose to do it this way as the juxtaposition of these timelines made the lesson more poignant. Even though the book ends on a expected note, it is still satisfying.

I think this is a good, quick read. If you love 80's music, this book is right up your alley since the author also pulls the characters around that musical theme. I gave the book 4 stars.