Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward I think I enjoyed this book a bit more than the others in this series. The things that drew me out of the last book didn't seem to have as much power in this one. I did notice that while the slang was still there, it was lessened a bit... or at least enough that it didn't make me want to scream.

Zsadist was always the most interesting character of the brothers. His past was silent in the other books, but in this one we see how tortured he really had been. As he find himself slowly opening up to his future mate, Bella, some of the past starts to finally heal. The question becomes if he can finally think about someone else besides his empty, painful life? Can he really open himself up to love someone at all? Not just Bella but his twin and constant companion, Phury?

So far I think this has been my favorite book in the series. It has drama, action, romance, and a few scary bits as well. This book was well rounded and thankfully did not end in a cliffhanger (mostly because I don't have the next book ready to be read yet). I would really recommend this one, but would suggest at least reading "Lover Eternal" first to get the beginnings of this story. I gave this book 4 stars.