Captivate - Carrie Jones Their solution for the pixie problem in the last book haunts Zara. She's a pacifist who still lives in a world of good/bad, black/white with very little grey. Even though her world had opened to possibilities she never knew were possible she tries to cling to that old naive view. As the danger grows so does the band of 4 friends. This is part of the story I really did enjoy. They questioned and grew in understanding of themselves and the world around them. Zara learns that on occasion, violence, as abhorrent as it still is to her, might be necessary to save the one's you love.

Zara is still my favorite character and her boyfriend, Nick also became a favorite of mine since his character became more developed in this story. I also just loved this story more than the first. The writing is wonderful and any criticisms I had in the last book vanish with this one. I also love the way each chapter is introduced. The last book, each chapter was introduced by a phobia. This one, it is a sentence or phrase from the "How to Survive a Pixie Attack" the group was putting together. My only major warning for this book is that it is a cliff hanger. I think I would have preferred it as a 800 page book instead of a cliffhanger, but you can't get everything you want. :) I can't wait for the next book and in the meantime, I give this book 5 stars!! This is the best book in this series... so far. ;)