Need - Carrie Jones Zara is a young girl who's world has turned topsy-turvy. She lost the one she has always known as "dad" when he dies in front of her. She also notices a man who keeps showing up and scaring her and she finds that he is a pixie who wants her. She quickly finds good friends who help her come back to herself after her step-father's death. They also help her deal with the pixie who haunts her and find out exactly what he wants. What they know is that he is a King in search of his Queen and all he has to do is lay a kiss on her that will change her forever.

I really enjoyed this story right up to the fast paced ending. The only big criticism I have is that it would have been nicer to have the story be a bit longer and I'd like better transitions between the scenes in some of the chapters. Those aren't huge criticisms and I enjoyed the book and recommend it for anyone looking for a good YA read. Oh, and those looking for a little romance won't be disappointed either. I gave this book 4 stars and I'm already starting on the next book, Captivate.