Firefly Rain

Firefly Rain - Richard Dansky If you are looking for a ghost story, Firefly Rain might just be your pick. This tale weaves into Jacob's life and in a way it is more about finding out who he is as well as what is haunting him. The book moves along at a good clip and builds suspense. You have to keep reading just to see what is really going on, who are holding the secrets and who is really on his side and why. There are a few intense scenes and nothing too gory. I didn't find it too scary, but felt it is more like a good mystery with ghosts on the side.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. The book is a bit predictable in parts, but does have an ending I didn't expect but would have liked a bit more suspense building up to it. However, it is a enjoyable read and I would recommend it to someone looking for an interesting take on a ghost story.