Wicked Becomes You

Wicked Becomes You - Meredith Duran I decided to be a part of this tour because it looked like it was a story where a woman bound by convention and society breaks free to find out her true strength. This book did not disappoint. Upon her second jilting, Gwen decides to throw out her family's wishes to marry for title and find out what she truly wants out of life. The only way she knew to do this is to become utterly "wicked" for a woman of those times so she could finally be free to act how she wants. Alex, her brother's best friend, knows that this undertaking will have consequences that she may not recover and so tries to steer her away from her own destruction while finding himself more intrigued than he had ever had been in the past. He had always admired her quick wit even if it was mostly hidden by convention. This new Gwen shows him a part of himself he never thought existed. As she grows in spirit and self, so does Alex. That was the surprising part in this book. Not that he found it within himself to love her fully since romance books are full of those aspects, but he also grew as a human being. Finding that he was not at all as sure of himself as he pretended.

This book was a short fast read with a couple of good steamy bits. However, this book is more on the heavy side of romance and not erotica. I give this book 3 1/2 stars and recommend it to anyone wanting a light read with a bit of fun in the romance.