Masked by Moonlight

Masked by Moonlight - Nancy Gideon I will admit that when I agreed to review this book, I thought it would be a light and sometimes sexy type of book. While I was correct on the second part of that assumption, I would exactly call this very light. That is a good thing. In fact, this book was written in a way that kept my interest and I even thought would be good for men to enjoy. Unfortunately, I don't think you'd get a guy past the cover, but if you did, I think he would be pleasantly surprised in how fun this book is to read.

Max is a part of the head mob in NOLA. In fact, he is the reason his mob boss is number one. Detective Caissie is a beautiful creole woman who's life is been police work. These two on opposite sides find that they both have one fear in common. A true connection with someone. Both had been through horrible things and both find it hard to trust others even though they have true loyalty to the jobs they hold. So, in a way this seems like the perfect set up to a typical romantic novel, however, things are anything but typical. Max's connection and involvement in the mob becomes the central theme in which the book revolves. It actually becomes so compelling that I think that even men could enjoy this book. You get to not only see inside the heads of Max and Charlotte, but in the mob bosses' head as well. So, there is a bit of everything. Romance, paranormal, sex, mystery, murder, and love.

I give this book 4 stars. It lost it's star due to the ending. All I will say is that Charlotte had good questions left in her head, but pushed it aside too easily. In fact, I think this book would have been better without this kind of "closure". Especially because this is book one in a series and it would have been better to have seen this part left open. So, despite the ending, I did feel this was a pretty good book.