Infinite Days

Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel This book has a great premise. An old vampire queen decides her undead status is no longer worth "living" and wants a way out. Rhode, her maker, decides that he is willing to let her go or watch her burn. He finds away to reverse the vampire process and makes Lenah human once again. Once this happens her memories from her vampire life are juxtaposed to her new human life and I think that this really brings out Lenah's story in a very original way. You can really feel her remorse for her vampire ways as well as everything she lost by turning so young.

My problem with this book comes with her association with several very shallow people. I can see how she was initially drawn to these people since they are very similar to her coven. People who's main concern is the self. I would have thought her new education back into mortal life she would have made better choices. Plus, her new beau just didn't fit her at all. With her background and intelligence, I couldn't see her with someone so immature. I can see her wanting to experience it, but I couldn't see it lasting. It made sense that she drew her new best friend to be in that crowd since they were thrill seekers and she wanted to experience a huge range of emotions, but I also wondered about that. I would have thought any emotions would be at first overwhelming, and then curiosities. I don't think she would have so easily tolerated those shallow kids and would have had to see more of their true selves for it to have made sense to me. It's not good when you are rooting for the one person that could utterly ruin her because it just made more sense that she'd be better off with Vicken (one of her vampires).

So, how do I rate this book? Parts of the book was just brilliant. Loved the comparisons of her world. The other part just failed me. Not to the point of me not liking the book, but I just couldn't get behind her human choice. So, I give this book 3 1/2 stars. It is worth a read and I am very curious as to how the author is going to continue the series since the ending really didn't seem like a cliffhanger (which is a good thing IMHO).