The Pack

The Pack - L.M. Preston What I loved about this book was first the main character was a female of color who also had a disability. She was blinded but did not let that stop her for doing anything that she needs to be done. In fact she does have enhanced abilities that allow her to do things that most "average" people could not do physically. She hates pity and even hides her other abilities so she doesn't hurt those around her. Shamira also feels that with her abilities she can help figure out what has happened to the missing on Mars. While doing this, she gets involved with some of the kids that have been under the thumb of "Monev" who are now willing to do anything for their freedom and the freedom of the other captives. The impetuous and hope of youth come through and Shamira has to figure out if she can trust those that are putting complete trust in her.

This is a fast paced and interesting sci-fi story. I'd say my only criticism is that sometimes I felt that Shamira was too immature. I understand how that someone who has not had a lot of positive social experiences, and being needful of her mother's acceptance could seem very immature. However, she was also independent, and this seemed to be at odds with her immaturity. I did feel that once she met more of the pack of kids, she matured.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars and I really recommend this to those that are looking for a sci-fi YA story. I would like to thank the author, LM Preston for this book.