The Secret of the Scarlet Stone (A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel, #1)

The Secret of the Scarlet Stone (A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel, #1) - T.L. Clarke This book is a cute book that I'd have to say is more for the middle grade than YA set. Within this book you meet 4 girls who all seem to have things in common. All have lost their mothers, have "gifts" and have been passed down a pendant with a secret. Within this book you help the girls find adventure and solve clues as the adventure they find themselves on brings the group closer together. The questions become; can you help them solve the clues? What does the adventure reveal? What is the purpose to the adventure? It's a story kids will have fun solving while learning with the girls.

My main criticism is with Gabrielle (the leader) and Rosalinda. Both got on my nerves quite a bit. In fact, I was hoping that Zora would take total control of the group and become leader. I really enjoyed Zora and she seemed the most grounded and level-headed of the group. This is part of a series of adventures for kids and perhaps Zora will have her turn in the limelight as time goes on. On the positive side, the clues were interesting and not totally obvious. So there is some thinking that must happen to solve the clues. Just because it's a kids book doesn't mean that kids are simple and the author seems to know that very well.

I give this book 3 stars and recommend it for those that have young kids. I think they will enjoy the adventure.