The Devil Wears Plaid

The Devil Wears Plaid - Teresa Medeiros This book is a fun historical romance. Light and fun and full of roguish romance. It starts out in the typical way. Man steals woman to make another suffer, man finds woman surprisingly attractive, woman finds man surprisingly attractive, both find themselves in each others arms and win over the bad man she was about to be married. Now, yes, I did just basically tell you the story, but that formula is as old as perhaps the castle under contention. :) What I liked about this story is that the woman has her own mind and finds strength within her capture. Even though she does rely on Jamie's physical prowess to keep her safe, her wits and inner strength keep her up to the challenge of a bunch of burly men and the highland wilderness. Yes, I liked Emma. She was a good match for Jamie. You don't always find that within these types of stories. I also loved Jamie although there were times I could hit him over the head for being so stubborn.

All in all I give this book 4 stars. It's a fun, light historical romance. If you love a roguish man in a kilt, sexy time in an abandoned church you will enjoy this book.