The Home for Broken Hearts

The Home for Broken Hearts - Rowan Coleman I haven't always been one for the genre "chick lit", however sometimes you find a gem I like. The Home for Broken Hearts has become one I did enjoy. Also, as a full American person, I also have to say I loved the English slang within this book. Imagine "Bridget Jones" movies and you have some of the lingo us US chaps find so fun. As for the story it really revolves around a group of people, but more so around two in particular, Ellen and Matt. It is their story that is also the most interesting. Of course, the two would be nothing without a ornery almost 12 year old boy. Without him I don't know if we would have had our HEA.

Ellen and Matt's growth into their true selves is heartfelt and heartwarming and it is their faults that really make them interesting. What is also wonderful is that every one's faults become the impetus for further growth and insight into their own true beauty. Yes, there were people within the book you did not like and I'd have to say, Hannah, her sister was one for me. Even though I did soften a bit (and I mean a bit) toward her at the end, I still understood her place within the book.

All in all I give this book a surprising 4 stars and I might have to look up more of Rowan Coleman's books when I'm in a bit of a chick lit mood.