The Replacement

The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff I really have to say I enjoyed this book. The beginning was very descriptive and really what I would call "grey". It was a bit slow, and I thought it was necessary to really get the vibe of what Mackie was going through as well as the whole town of Gentry. I don't know if the author could have done it another way. It spoke of untold truths and a total deniability as to why children were disappearing and why odd creatures took their place. People knew something or charms and other superstitions wouldn't have had such a hold on the town. It also spoke of the dangers of censorship and how when we deny that something exists, doesn't mean that it suddenly makes things okay.

The beginning also reminded me of something else. The fairytale of Pinocchio. Here was a boy dreaming of being human and all that entails. Mackie dreams of this, of not being caught for what he was and swallowed up by his whale of fear. However, it is love that transformed Mackie as it did Pinocchio. But that transformation was long ago and it is the beginning of this story that Mackie begins to truly realize this, but the surprise in the story is who transforms him as well as to how. It is a story of finding your place in the world and finding those things we are often blind to in our own world.

For me, this book was more of a philosophical ride than anything else. You can take this book apart and see the different themes that the author was writing about. The one person POV might be a bit much for some wanting a total thrill ride because I think this book was more about finding your place in this world than fighting the good fight (of course that was part of it, but a smaller part). With that in mind, I recommend this book for older teens and adults alike. I give it 4 stars.