The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift - Kathleen McKenna The story is written from Leeann's diary, and therefore only one POV. Unfortunately, I have to say because of this, you can hear her egotistical, shallow and entitled opinion about everything in the small town. This actually bugged me quite a bit and it just told me that Leann was a very insecure little girl.

However, when the story turns about half way through to the story of the house, it does get interesting. It becomes a ghost story and a murder mystery. In this part of the story a vengeful ghost targets Leeann for an unknown reason. Leeann has many reasons to expect the worst and is quite frightened, but must take her spoiled ways and find some sort of courage to stand up to what is haunting her new family. This part of the story is wonderfully dark and scary. It also ends with an interesting plot twist.

I give this book 2 1/2 stars. Even though the ghost story was very good, I just couldn't like Leeann and her shallow ways.