Reining In

Reining In - Dawn Judd Khalida is one of the most human vampires I have read about. Often you see vampires having to mimic their "human-ness" and hide their preternatural strength around other mortals so their secret of their immortality doesn't escape. While Khalida is concerned with privacy and secrecy, she has very little trouble blending in with those who do not know she is a vampire. She is also very emotional instead of being so distant from everyone. It was something I had to mention first since that part in particular was so unlike many vampire books in current circulation. I found it refreshing.

As for this book in particular, it is a great UF from beginning to end. It starts out with the potential death of a friend who chose to cherish his mortality. After his murder she finds herself and those she loves at the attention of an old enemy. Secrets surface and the very Network she established to hide at least one of those secrets also faces destruction. So, to protect everything in her life she must face the horrifying truth and deal with the consequences. This book ends in a bang.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It is a great ride from beginning to end.