Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Having heard some bad reviews of this book, I was curious. Curiouser even more so since Crescendo also came my way for a review. Since I didn't have the book, off to the library I went. Didn't mind. I do have cover love for the book.

At first, I really didn't see the problem with Patch. He was brash, annoying, and he loved to embarrass Nora with Innuendos. Eh, not really a problem for me. Didn't see him as dangerous as people were painting him. Just too cocky for a young girl not knowing how to handle it. Yes, I did see him as being too old for him, but not in the numerical sense. More in the sense of experience. It was obvious to me even early on that Patch was more worldly than Nora and I thought maybe that is where the creep factor was affecting so many. Well, as the story evolves I find a small line that Patch crosses. (spoiler alert) He manipulates her into going on a ride and then intentionally scares her. He then is her only ride home suddenly. Hmm... Well, then he crosses a HUGE line. (spoiler alert) He forces his way into her home. Okay. That was it. He went from uncomfortable red-yellow light (which I personally would have hoped she'd put an end to it there) to huge red light in one fell swoop. After that, I admit I skimmed a few pages until we come to the conclusions of who was really trying to kill Nora. And unfortunately, those surprises really were obvious even with my skimming.

Okay, I get that she is nieve, and it has a sort of a HEA. Yet, some of those disturbing things are really left without conscience. Left without Patch taking full responsibility for his behavior. To me, there was no real attonement in him. I also have a few other more minor things that bugged me that probably wouldn't have so much if the former was not present. So, that is all I will say on that. Therefore, I will unfortunately give this book with the awesome cover 2 stars.