Crescendo  - Becca Fitzpatrick I decided to look at this review as a book where the issues with Patch were resolved. I figured that it was obvious that none of the problems I had would be rehashed in a way that would please me, so I decided to move on with the characters. In this one, Patch is a jerk, but not a scary jerk like we met in the last book. In fact he was so much a jerk, I found myself yelling that at the book from time to time. *don't look at me that way... yes, I talk to my books. It's okay as long as I don't expect them to talk back. ;)* Nora, also really got on my nerves in this book. Granted with Patch being such a jerk some of it made sense. The fact that she became extremely needy grated on my nerves, but did make sense. Especially when Patch wanted her to be honest and he still kept secrets. However, that is where I have to say my sympathies ended with Nora. She kept making one bad decision after another. She would proclaim herself more mature but I'd be wondering where she put the decision she just made a few pages prior in that claim. A few bad decisions I can accept, but almost every one of them? Just too much for me.

I do admit, I liked Vee more in this one than in the last book. I have known people like her and it is fun to be around them. Also, the action in this book was so much more compelling and interesting. I liked Scott as a bad guy as well as all the confusing things that went around her. However, the ending didn't just flow with me. Certain things made too quick of a turnaround. Too many things weren't given enough clues to make it fit. Also, there were a couple of instances where Nora had something (like someone's car) or proclaimed something and then in the next chapter it was forgotten.

Okay, how do I rate this book? I did like the action. However, the main characters didn't elicit the interest I would have liked. Plus, it ends in a cliff-hanger (if you know me I hate those!). I guess I'll give it 3 stars. It was an okay book and better if you didn't read the first one in the series.