Ecstasy in Darkness

Ecstasy in Darkness - Gena Showalter McKell is the ultimate alpha male. In fact he is so alpha he could have been so totally annoying. Selfish to the core as well as speaks in demands rather than statements. The reason he wasn't annoying? He actually seemed to be a child at times. Unused to the way the surface humans do things. His inability to make Ava and Noelle do what he wants ends up making him more interested than angry. He is not used to women standing on their own and telling HIM what he needs to do. In fact, the two friends end up being the only ones who capture McKell without losing a finger or two.

Ava is his match in every way. In fact they have lots of things in common including the insecurities they try to hide well. McKell and Ava break through each others blocks and learn to try to fit each other in their lives and hearts. I also loved that both Ava and Noelle had great snark going. Plus, they didn't take anything from anyone else but those they loved. This snark confused and interested McKell and he also learned the art of snark. This I loved. This made me laugh. This also helped make the book a lot of fun. In fact, I laughed out loud several times while reading. My only question during all this fun snark was when McKell would tell Ava "Good girl" when she did something he wanted her to do. By then, of course, she was in love and didn't mind this. If it was me, I would have kicked him in the... oh but then again, I'm sure he was cute when he said it. ;)

I give this book 5 stars. It has action, love, and snark. YaY for snark! It is done well and should make you laugh. I recommend this book for UF and PNR adults. I will also be on the look out for the rest of the series since this was my first introduction to the Alien Huntress series.