Haunted by Your Touch

Haunted by Your Touch - Shayla Black, Jeaniene Frost, Sharie Kohler Oh what can I say. I LOVED the short story from Jeaniene Frost. If she develops it into another series I will be there drooling for Raphael. In a way he does remind me a little bit of Bones. He's a bit arrogant with reason, he's strong, smart and sexy as hell. Plus he is in love with one woman only. He's a bit more willing to allow Mara to do her own thing and is less chauvinistic than Bones can be around Cat. AND with Jeaniene Frost you know you are going to get some sexy time in the book. Oh yes you do! Even the carriage ride sexy time was pretty good. ;) Yes, this short story is one I believe everyone who loves the stories by Ms. Frost will enjoy.

The second story comes from Shayla Black. I enjoyed this one less mostly because I was frustrated with Raiden throughout the story. However, I believe that is how you are supposed to feel since the rest of the characters in the book were right there with you pulling out their hair in frustration. The only other thing I didn't care for in this story is that it didn't feel complete within itself. The ending left too many things open and even though it wasn't a complete cliffhanger, it was a cliffhanger nonetheless. You are left wondering.

The third story is by Sharie Kohler (aka Sophie Jordan). This one was much more involved with the characters feelings. You really got to know Luc and a bit about his intended, Lily. Although I really got into this one I wasn't completely satisfied with Lily's decisions. I think I'd like to have a few more twists or options involved. If there were to be no other options, then perhaps more information as to what Lily's decision would really cost the couple. What was the decision? Not telling. You'll have to read it to find out.

I've given this book 4 stars. It is an adult book with lots of sexy time in all three stories.