Unforgivable - Laura Griffin If you are a fan of Laura Griffin's Tracer series then you will love this book. If not, don't worry, this book reads great as a stand alone. In fact I have not read her other two tracer books, Untraceable and Unspeakable and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The two main characters have obviously met once before but didn't quite connect. In Unforgivable, they are the main characters.

After saying the above you would think I'm setting you up for a total romance book. Well, if that is what you are looking for you might be disappointed. Oh, yes, there is tension in terms of sexual and romantic you would expect, but the main story is a mystery that needs to be solved so Mia and her family can continue to live without fear of a madman gunning them down. The twists and turn in this book make it interesting and while you are trying to figure out who the killer is, you are also enjoying the relationship between Ric and Mia (even though I wanted to kick Ric in the butt a couple of times). I also really liked the character of Mia. She sort of reminded me of Abby in NCIS. Not her quirky side, but her professional side. One who works until things are solved with a keen intelligence.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed Mia as a heroine. I recommend this book to those that like a fast paced murder mystery with a bit of romance thrown in.