The Spirit Thief

The Spirit Thief - Rachel Aaron The cover is perfect for the thief. I think that sly smile describes Eli well. And although he is the main character of the story, I found myself more interested in those around him. Especially the wizard Miranda and her ghosthound, Gin. I also found the relationship between Miranda and Eli interesting. They were like polar opposites in terms of morality. Eli was much more in tune with how nature might view human morality and responsibility and Miranda was his "opposite" in her almost evangelical view of right and wrong. Although this did not create as much tension as I would have liked, it still provided a interesting axis to view the characters.

Later on we find out a little more about Josef his swordsman and Nico a girl with a dangerous demon-seed. Even though they are really secondary characters, I found them interesting and wanted a book about them. I wanted to know more.

In a world where everything has a spirit and wizards have the ability to command and communicate with these spirits, I found this book captivating. Even though I did not find myself liking the main character of Eli in this book, I have a feeling that will change as we begin to learn more about him. After all, we really only get to see a tip of the ice burg of what he is capable of and his arrogance. I suspect more of his softer and sweet side will come out further in this trilogy.

I give this fantasy book 4 stars and can't wait to read the next in the series, The Spirit Rebellion.