The Seventh Blessing (Tales of Gymandrol #1)

The Seventh Blessing (Tales of Gymandrol #1) - Melissa Buell This is a fun tale of Princess Samantha who is anything but dainty. Her gifts that were bestowed on her by the fae were really meant for a boy becoming a king. So, a false ceremony bestowing her fake gifts was given and she was trained in secret to become a knight. I really enjoyed this story as Sam was no wilting flower. She was still a princess and stayed to her duties as a princess despite her dislike of those duties. Nolan, a man who finds her incredibly attractive and interesting, was her nemesis as a child and she never forgave him until they both met as young adults. As their friendship grew so did their attraction to each other. I found this attraction frustrating as it too FOREVER for them to both settle down and admit they had this attraction to each other. The back and forth was a bit too much, but was nice when it was finally settled.

There was also a prologue which prefaced a war that set things up for the final battle. I actually found this to be unnecessary and actually confusing to the whole story. Also, when the bad guy had a bit of his past shown to Sam in the climax, I thought it was a bit too much there as well. I think the back story of Dagan (the bad fae) would be best totally taken out of this story and made into his own book. It just seemed like it was a story that wanted to be told, but didn't quite fit into the tale that was being told in this book.

I think this is a fun book that might need a bit more editing, and I give it 3 stars. It is a delightful tale of a princess who stood on her own to learn to become a leader rather than arm candy.