Raziel - Kristina Douglas I'm going to start right off and say that I am not going to star rate this book. I'll explain in a minute. The story is very interesting. The world is built mostly around what most people think about the old testament but with a few changes. The fallen are the archangels with the exception of Uriel. They have been cursed to fear the nephilim who were created to wipe the fallen and their mates from existence. They also fear Uriel who seems to enjoy making them miserable and actually seems like the devil himself. I really enjoyed this alternate world to what we usually hear and I found it very imaginative. I also enjoyed Raziel. Even though he was brooding and taciturn most of the time, it fit with his character and when he lightened up, it was fun to see. I also enjoyed Allie most of the time. Once in a while she did seem whiny, but hey, if I was put in a situation where I had very little if no say at all, I'd probably be whiny too (I hang my head in that confession).

Okay, I'm sure you are still curious why I won't rate this one. It is because of one scene that I cannot stop thinking about. It is one scene that really has me not totally liking this book. Since it is a spoiler, I will mark it as such here...
There is a scene in which Raziel must determine if Allie is evil. One way is to have sex with her. So, he uses his powers on her to make her strip. She says no and don't in this instance. She knew what he had in mind, but not why. She is frightened and he has sex with her. She enjoys it because she really wanted to have sex with Raziel. So, I feel this is a rape scene with the excuse that she really wanted it. Sorry, but I just can't see it any other way.
*End Spoiler*
Without this scene, or it changed, I would have really enjoyed the whole book. My only other criticism is that the last chapter could have been left off this book and put at the beginning of the next.

Ah, so there is my dilemma. One scene upset me, but I enjoyed the creativity of reinventing this world. I just don't feel right dismissing that scene, nor do I feel right in judging a book solely on one part I didn't like. So, how do I rate it? I decided not to and let you decide for yourself. *sigh* Will I read the next in the series? Yes, I will. I just don't think the author saw that scene in the same way that I did.