Dark Time

Dark Time - Dakota Banks This story starts out in a very emotional way. In fact, I was upset for Susannah so much I almost put this book in the freezer (Friends reference... sorry). However, it does set things nicely up for the demon, Rabishu to take advantage of her torn up emotional state. It makes perfect sense. Time does go by and even though she had tried to shut off her emotions, after a few hundred years, her sense of right and wrong resurfaces. She stumbles on a way to redeem herself that has severe consequences on her skill and youth but takes that chance, even if it seems like a lost cause. While on her redemption quest, Susanna who renames herself Maliha, finds for the first time to have a family of sorts. Some of which know her little secret and are willing to help.

This books is fast paced which starts at the beginning and doesn't stop until the end. It is based on Sumerian legends of gods and demons and this is the world and puzzle Maliha must solve. I found this world to be very interesting and I also enjoyed the secondary characters as well. Her big nemesis besides the demon is Subedei. He first has a very secretive nature but we also get to know him. I kinda wished he was still in the dark, not knowing his full agenda because I think he would have been a good challenge for her later on in the series. However, he was a good challenge in this story.

This book is a dark, urban fantasy. I give it 4 stars and recommend this to anyone who loves a lot of action. I enjoyed this book and can't wait to get to the next one.