Sacrifice - Dakota Banks This book does not start out as heart wrenching (book in the freezer throwing... yes another Friends reference) book like the first one, Dark Time. However, as the last one left off, Ms. Banks took her time getting to the question lingering as we left off the last book. Frustrating, but we are completely entertained by all the action going on before we come back to that interesting question I'm not going to reveal (*evil laugh*). Unfortunately, I will also have to tread carefully here about this mysterious subject so I do not spoil anything for you... *sigh* *evil laugh denied!*

In this story, Maliha finds herself learning about an evil counsel of people who want to gain more power and control in an unspeakable way. She must find the leaders, who is protecting them, how and what they are doing, and find a way to prevent it. All this and battle more ageless for the shards she is searching for to free humanity. Yep, her plate is quite full! Oh, and within all this action she finds some time to actually contemplate a relationship for the first time in centuries.

Oh can I tell you that there is no heart wrenching parts to this book as there was in the last one? Sadly, I cannot. In fact... I almost threw this one in the freezer too and cursed Ms. Banks for getting me so involved and upsetting me! *shakes fist* Ah, but at the same time I loved it and it made me not like another individual even more. I had questions about Jake, and I still question him, but with what happened, let me just say... I felt it contrasted to his behavior and left him lacking. What the heck am I talking about? Let me just say that this time the evil laugh will not be denied! All I will say is that Lucius is my man! As to the rest, you must read it and find out for yourself. I'm not spoiling a thing! *evil laugh*

Well, I give this book 4 stars. Oh, if you love adventure, this is a book for you! Ms. Banks... stop making me open my freezer! It's not good for the environment! ;)